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EDTA Chelation and Krill Oil Promote:
  • Increased Circulation
  • Normalized
    Blood Pressure
  • Normalized
    Cholesterol Levels
  • Enhanced Memory
  • Increased Energy
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Cardio Renew Canada Oral EDTA Chelation Therapy and Antarctic Krill Oil Soft-Gels

The safe, fast and economical way to cleanse your veins and arteries and improve your cholesterol.

Cardio Renew Canada Products
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Cardio Renew Oral Chelation Testimonials
Bernie H.
"I started your basic Cardio Renew program on August 30, 2008, and am 3 weeks into the program. NO MORE CHEST PAINS AT ALL, my breathing has gotten 200% better and I am feeling much better. I am able to... "
Sharon H. B.
"I am grateful my advanced Chiropractic Dr. recommended I start taking Cardio Renew. I took the standard 6 wk program , Spring 07 & Spring 08. I repeated my Carotid ultrasound test & discovered the plaque reduction to be remarkably dramatic & miraculous!. . "
Wanda B.
"I was diagnosed with PAD and was finding it more and more difficult to walk and was sure I was headed towards a wheel chair. I've been on Cardio Renew for 3 1/2 weeks now and find this stuff nothing short of a miracle. I can WALK!!!!!!"
Shirley M.
"I had to let you know how much I appreciate this product. Thank You. There is no other product like it. I had extremely high amounts of mercury and lead and was close to dying. I have tried for 4 yrs to cleanse using many different products, and spent a fortune...."
Earl M.
"I have been using Cardio Renew for two years after two by-pass operations and just got a clearance from my heart doctor that I will not need a third by-pass. My heart is strong as a 30 year old and I am 68. My arthritis is gone and ...."
Glenda C.
"I have been on Cardio Renew for 5 days and I want to say to the skeptics that this really works, at first I was thinking is this another one of those scams, but I kept on taking the product and my legs feel great, each day I walk a little better, also I notice I sleep better at night...."


Do you experience any of these conditions?
Listen To Your Body - Cardio Renew can help.

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you may have warning signs of arterial blockage. Your body is telling you that it is time to make a change and renew your health. You could be experiencing one of the following conditions:

Learn how chelation therapy can help these conditions.

See how Oral Liquid EDTA is effective.

Discover how Krill Oil, in conjunction with EDTA chelation therapy, can reduce LDL "bad" cholesterol and increase HDL "good" cholesterol as well as helping to improve these and other conditions.

Clinical testing has yielded these impressive results:

Total Cholesterol down -17.90%
BAD cholesterol down -39.15%
HDL GOOD cholesterol up +59.64%
BAD triglycerides down -26.51%

Click on the following link for full details about the clinical test and its findings: Neptune Krill Oil Study.

What can you do?

To start, a proper diet and exercise routine are vital for a healthy body. Unfortunately, those changes alone cannot solve your problem. However, a healthy diet and exercise program, along with a safe and effective chelation therapy program can. Chelation (pronounced key-LAY-shun) is the use of EDTA to bind molecules, such as metals or minerals, and "chelate", or remove, them from the body.

Liquid EDTA (Ethylene Diamine Tetra-acetic Acid) is absorbed into the bloodstream within minutes. It then begins to chelate toxic and heavy metals, along with excessive mineral deposits. When metals and minerals remain in the bloodstream, they accumulate and harden, causing poor circulation. By cleansing the body's arteries and veins, the blood flow is increased.

Blood supplies nutrients and oxygen to all critical body areas (organs, muscles, tissues and nerves). EDTA chelation therapy provides your body with the proper blood flow rich in oxygen and nutrients, allowing it to recuperate, regenerate and function normally once again.

Why Cardio Renew for EDTA Chelation Therapy?

Unlike other oral chelation therapies, Cardio Renew only offers a 100% liquid EDTA oral chelation product. Oral liquid chelation therapy can provide you the time advantage of a fast and high absorption rate that quickly starts cleansing your entire cardiovascular system.

EDTA is the foundation of all effective chelation treatments. While other herbs, vitamins, minerals and amino acids may help contribute to a healthy cardiovascular system, it is always the EDTA that makes any chelation process successful. See how Oral Liquid EDTA is effective.

This is why Cardio Renew offers a pure 100% liquid EDTA product: to provide you the most effective oral chelation therapy available. And because Cardio Renew contains only liquid EDTA; buffers, fillers or other ingredients will not interfere with the bioavailability, which increases the absorption rate and enhances the effectiveness of the EDTA chelation process.

What's the next step?

Make changes that include our 6 week oral chelation program.

Within our website, we at Cardio Renew have provided comprehensive and complete information on EDTA chelation therapy. To learn more about our products, visit our Product Information page. Other pages, including EDTA Effectiveness, Compare Chelation Methods and our Frequently Asked Questions provide additional information so that you can make an informed decision. We also encourage you to read our Customer Testimonials and see how Cardio Renew has helped improve their health and quality of life.

One additional important note - at Cardio Renew, we truly believe that our liquid oral chelation programs can help with a variety of health conditions – and we back that belief with a no risk, money back guarantee. In other words, try our oral EDTA chelation therapy 6 week program, and, if you’re not satisfied, we’ll refund the full product price – no questions asked – no need to call for authorization or fill out forms, just send it back to us – it’s that easy and straightforward!

Finally, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Cardio Renew today if you have any questions.

It's time to make a change, renew your health and enjoy life - Order Cardio Renew today!


 Additional Oral Chelation Therapy Information

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