Arterial Blockage Warning Signs

Do You Have Any of These Signs?

  • Fingers or toes that often feel cold?
  • Your arms or legs often “go to sleep”?
  • Do you experience numbness or heaviness in arms or legs?
  • Does your hand often cramp when writing a letter?
  • Is there a sharp, diagonal crease in your earlobe?
  • Do your lips or fingers often have a tingling sensation?
  • On short walks, do your legs get aches or pains?
  • Is your memory worse than it used to be?
  • Ankles that swell late in the day?
  • Do you get breathless on slight exertion or when lying down?
  • Is there a whitish ring under the outer part of the cornea in your eye?

Listen To Your Body… It might need arterial cleansing!

If you answered yes to these questions, you may have early warning signs of arterial blockages. Your body is saying that it’s time to make a change and put time on your side with arterial cleansing.

Although other circumstances can cause the above symptoms, it is always best to be proactive. We encourage you to speak with your Doctor about these signs, your current health condition and options for arterial cleansing, including Cardio Renew’s Oral Chelation Therapy 6 week program!

Did you know that it is not uncommon for people as young as 18 years of age to have blockages in their arteries? That’s because age alone is not the main cause of blocked arteries. Many factors beyond age cause your arteries to fill up with plaque. Here are a few of the reasons that put you at risk:

  • Genetic or family history.
  • Air pollution.
  • Eating processed foods.
  • Hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils.
  • Diabetes.
  • Lack of exercise.
  • Excessive caffeine consumption.
  • Cigarette smoking.
  • Stress and anxiety.
  • Lack of proper rest.
  • Poor diet – too much “junk food”.
  • And more!

Contact Cardio Renew to review the benefits of arterial cleaning and starting EDTA Oral Chelation treatments today!