Artery Plaque

Edta Chelation Therapy for Artery Plaques

Plaque is the substance that builds up in your arteries over time; it is made primarily of cholesterol, fat, calcium and other substances. Everyone has plaque formations in their arteries, but in many people the accumulation is enough to eventually block blood flow, leading to a stroke, heart attack, or even sudden death. These plaque formations are also known as ‘atheromatous plaque,’ referring both to the accumulation of plaque and subsequent swelling of the arterial walls. The gradual accumulation of plaque over time is known as atherogenesis. The hardening of the arteries that results is known as atherosclerosis. Plaque also leads to coronary artery disease. Edta chelation therapy for artery plaques is believed to be incredibly helpful in removing artery plaques.

Plaque collection begins in the arteries in childhood. It’s found in all humans, so the formation of plaque is a natural part of the body’s processes. The plaque forms as white blood cells absorb the low-density lipoprotein (LDL) in your blood. As more LDL accumulates in these cells, your cholesterol increases as well. When the LDL-filled white blood cells die, they release their contents, causing more white blood cells rush to the site.  These collect near the center of the plaque formation, leaving the outside to harden and stiffen over time as calcium is slowly deposited. With best edta oral chelation therapy, this plaque can be removed.

One aspect of plaque formation that has not been well understood until recently is how it can build up in arteries without causing significant symptoms until a heart attack or worse occurs. Previous belief was that plaque simply accumulated along the artery and slowly decreased blood flow, eventually blocking it completely. However, new studies have shown that plaque buildup occurs in one of two ways and that the structure of the artery changes as well during this process. Either the arterial wall is built up and thickened by the plaque and blood flow preserved until the very end of the process, or the arterial wall thickens and expands and blood flow expands as well.

Because both of these types of build up do not necessarily prevent circulation, symptoms of partially blocked arteries or reduced blood flow may be masked for some time. Traditional diagnostic methods are not able detect this buildup until very late in the process. However, plaque build ups need not block the artery completely before an event occurs. A heart attack can occur in an area that is only 50% blocked until the plaque buildup ruptures or a clot forms, for example. Most current testing can only see arteries that are more than 75% blocked.

Coronary artery disease is the end result of plaque build up in the arteries. Damage to arterial walls causes more plaque formation, and there are risk factors that increase your chances of developing CAD. These include smoking, diabetes, age, and high blood pressure. Although plaque in general is not preventable, there are actions you can take to help you slow down the progression of accumulations that block your arteries and lead to heart attacksheart disease, stroke, and a variety of other circulatory conditions.  One must also consider edta chelation therapy for diabetes due to its effectiveness.  These include eating a heart healthy diet, managing cholesterol levels and blood pressure, and exercising. Another step you can take is to take Cardio Renew, an oral chelation therapy for heavy metals that you can take at home.

EDTA Chelation therapy for artery plaques works by binding the excess heavy metals that accumulate in the body, including the calcium that collects in plaque. EDTA, the chelating agent in Cardio Renew, binds to the calcium and creates a compound that can easily be removed as waste from the body. As the plaque is softened and reduced, the body’s blood flow and elasticity in the circulatory system is renewed, increasing oxygen and nutrients to the body. With our six-week chelation program, you can get started on improving your health by reducing the blockages that restrict circulation and damage your heart.

Artery plaques are quite common. The calcium deposited in the arteries can be unclogged with the help of EDTA chelation therapy. With Cardio Renew’s oral EDTA chelation program, one can easily get rid of artery plaques. Cardio Renew is effective in its approach as it binds with the calcium present in the plaques and dissolves it. Once this dissolution takes places, the arteries get unclogged. This improves the circulation and improves the health of your heart. The blood flow in the body also improves once the plaque is removed from the body. Get healthier and have a healthier heart rate with Cardio Renew Oral EDTA chelation therapy.