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How Effective is Oral Chelation for Lead Poisoning

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When metals such as mercury, lead, iron and arsenic develop and build up in the body, they leave some toxic effects on your body. That is when chelation therapy can help you remove the metals without making you feel sick. There are healthcare practitioners or providers that prefer using oral…

How Chelation Therapy is an Effective Treatment for Diabetes

EDTA Chelation therapy for diabetes
Diabetes is a terrible disease that affects millions of people every year and doubles the risk of vascular death. Therapies that safely improve the outcomes of this increasingly prevalent disease will have enormous potential to improve overall public health. And, Chelation therapy is one of them. Let’s understand what chelation…

Understanding Intravenous And Oral Chelation Therapy

Oral Therapy
Man is exposed to various unwanted metals in the environment. This may be a one-time exposure or may occur over a long period in small quantities. These metals, such as arsenic, lead, mercury, cadmium, if accumulated in the body, can cause heavy metal poisoning. Apart from this, these toxic metals…

Peek Into The Wonders of oral EDTA Chelation Therapy

Chelation Therapy in Canada
Many health practitioners have advocated using liquid chelation therapy that is beneficial for removing heavy metals but also for heart diseases. Our program at Cardio renew has proven results for averting the progress of heart disease, whether EDTA or other drugs. This may not come as a prescription drug but…

Does Chelation Therapy Help Treat Heart Diseases

Chelation therapy is mainly used for treating poisoning with heavy metals such as lead, mercury, and iron overload because of blood disorders. The term chelation is derived from the Greek word “chele” which means ‘claw’ and in medical terms is used for removing metals during the therapy. This is an…

Eliminate Toxic Metals From Your Body With Oral Chelation Therapy

Chelation Therapy in Canada
Accumulation of toxic metals like lead, arsenic, mercury, and/or iron in our body can take place due to several reasons. This accumulation of metals in excessive quantities can restrict blood flow and cause serious repercussions in the human body.  In standard medical practice, medications and therapies are used in specific…