Carotid Artery

The carotid arteries are the main arteries in the neck that supply blood from the heart to the brain. Most strokes are caused because buildup in the carotid arteries has become severe. Strokes occur when an artery becomes very narrow and a blood clot forms and blocks the narrowed artery, or when a piece of plaque breaks off the arterial wall and is carried to the smaller brain arteries.

When the brain is deprived of blood, it is also deprived of oxygen. When the brain has been without oxygen for long enough, it will die. If the flow of oxygen and blood is restored after a stroke, there are often long-lasting effects because the brain was essentially dying for a short period of time.

These effects can influence cognitive abilities, speech, motor functions and memory. The recovery time after a stroke can be long and painful and the patient may still never recover fully. Blockage of the carotid arteries can be prevented, however.

Addressing Blockages with Oral Chelation Therapy

The accumulation of plaque on the arterial walls is often the product of uncontrollable factors like age, sex and ancestry. Behavioral practices can also contribute to arterial blockage, but fortunately, these are controllable. Exercising regularly, even for just a little while, can greatly cut down on the amount of arterial blockage you could eventually suffer. Eating a diet rich in grains, fruits and vegetables, but low in saturated fats and oils, can also benefit your heart. Increasing blood flow by removing mineral deposits and heavy metals from the body, oral chelation from Cardio Renew can assist in relieving restrictions in the carotid arteries. Please visit our Product Information page to learn more about our packages and prices. Other pages, including EDTA Effectiveness and our Frequently Asked Questions provide additional information so that you can make an informed decision. At Cardio Renew, we truly believe that our oral chelation program will help with conditions that occur with carotid artery blockages – and we back that belief with a no risk, no questions asked money back guarantee. Try our liquid oral EDTA chelation program risk-free, and, if you’re not satisfied, we’ll refund the full product price, no questions asked. Finally, don’t hesitate to contact us at Cardio Renew today if you have any additional questions! To go to our homepage, click here.