Heart Health

Oral Chelation Therapy for Heart Disease

Heart disease has become an epidemic, given the fast-paced life we live. Most Americans have stressful jobs, and are unable to get the proper amount of exercise needed to be optimally healthy. The American diet is also filled with fat and cholesterol. Risk factors like these contribute to the prevalence of heart disease in our society.

Unfortunately, the symptoms of heart disease aren’t always readily apparent physical signs that give direct warning. Heart attacks often take people by surprise. A heart attack occurs when blood flow in a coronary artery is inhibited or stopped completely. This can cause irreparable damage to the heart, and medical assistance is needed immediately after symptoms begin, to minimize the damage. Let us know about oral chelation therapy for heart diseases to know the effectiveness of liquid EDTA.

Common Heart Attack Symptoms

Pain in the chest and arms related to heart disease is called angina. The pain is often described as a feeling of pressure or squeezing in the chest. Some people describe the feeling as a fullness in the center of the chest. Pain spreading to the arms, neck and shoulders can also be a symptom. This too, is often characterized as tightness or burning in these areas.

Anxiousness, nervousness and a feeling of imminent danger also often accompany a heart attack. The person suffering from the heart attack may appear pale and sweaty or clammy and may be unresponsive or incoherent. An increased heart rate or irregular heart beat may accompany all these symptoms.

Ways of Improving Heart Health

There are ways, though, that you can determine their risk of developing heart disease. Taking a close look at family history is important to determining the risk of heart disease. Individuals who have a history of heart disease in their family should be concerned about heart disease themselves. Race plays a factor in heart disease, as does gender.

There is no cure for heart disease, but there are many things that you can do to reduce the risk of a heart attack or cardiac arrest. These can include eating five or more servings of fruit and vegetables a day, consuming six or more servings of whole grains a day and eating fish at least twice a week. A little effort can go a long way; simply adopting a healthy diet can greatly improve your heart’s health.

Getting just a little bit more exercise than normal can greatly improve your heart health, as well. You don’t have to make drastic changes–small steps will make a lot of difference. For instance, using a push lawnmower instead of a riding lawnmower, and raking instead of using a blower, are great ways to get a little exercise. Take a short walk before breakfast or after dinner. In addition to oral chelation therapy for heavy metals, start by walking ten minutes and gradually walk a little longer every day.

Chelation Therapy for Heart Health

Oral Chelation therapy for heart diseases can be the next step in heart health for those suffering from or wanting to avoid heart disease. Chelation therapy can help to reduce the effects of plaque problems. We at Cardio Renew have provided comprehensive and complete information on EDTA liquid chelation therapy. Please visit our Product Information page to review prices and decide which package is right for you. Other pages, including EDTA Effectiveness and our Frequently Asked Questions provide additional information so that you can make an informed decision. We also encourage you to read our Customer Testimonials and see how Cardio Renew’s 6 week program has helped improve their health and quality of life. One additional important note – at Cardio Renew, we truly believe that our liquid oral chelation programs will help improve your heart health and we back that belief with a no risk, no questions asked money back guarantee. Try our liquid oral EDTA chelation program risk-free, and, if you’re not satisfied, we’ll refund the full product price, it’s that easy and straightforward! Finally, don’t hesitate to contact us at Cardio Renew today if you have any additional questions!

Chelation therapy is immensely useful and effective in the case of heart diseases. Most of heart diseases occur due to clogged arteries. Artery plaque is something very common in old-aged people. All of this can be averted with the help of oral chelation therapy for heart diseases. Arteries get clogged due to calcium and result in artery plaques. This results in varying heart diseases. Most of cardiovascular diseases take place due to clogged arteries and in unclogging them, oral EDTA chelation therapy has been found to be incredibly helpful. Get the best solution for cardiovascular diseases only at Cardio Renew.