Heavy Metal Poisoning

Oral Chelation Therapy for Heavy Metals & Lead Poisoning

Heavy metal poisoning is the accumulation of metals, such as mercury, lead, and cadmium, in the body’s tissues.  Oral Chelation therapy for heavy metals binds heavy metals into a complex that can be removed from the body.

The heavy metals most commonly thought of as toxic to the body are the ones that are not used by the body to maintain normal functions.  These include mercury, lead, cadmium, and the metalloid arsenic.  Metals that are used by the body include zinc, cobalt, and iron; other elements, like manganese and lithium, may be used by the body in trace amounts or in medical therapies.  These elements, if taken in large quantities, or if the body is unable to process them correctly, can also be a source of metal toxicity, even if they are not technically “heavy” metals.  Symptoms of heavy metal poisoning can vary, from vomiting and stomach pain, to anemia, to neurological difficulties.  If left untreated, heavy metal poisoning can be fatal or lead to permanent damage.

EDTA Liquid Chelation therapy has been used to treat heavy metal poisoning since the 1950’s when the US Navy used it to cure lead poisoning in painters and battery plant workers.  Although it is a time consuming treatment, intravenous chelation is the most effective way to treat acute heavy metal poisoning, as it delivers the chelator directly into the bloodstream.  The chelator works by binding the metal and forming a complex.  This removes the metal from the tissues that it’s collected in and allows the body to dispose of the new complex as waste.

Cardio Renew’s EDTA, can reduce the levels of heavy metals that have built up in our bodies through our diets and daily lives.  For example, mercury and lead enter our bodies through eating certain kinds of fish or exposure to older paints.  Over time, the concentrations of metals in our bodies may begin to have subtle effects on our health.  Oral chelation therapy can help you to remove excess heavy metals from the body to prevent toxicity and aid the body in clearing non-essential concentrations of minerals. Cardio Renew’s best oral chelation supplements can help you in getting rid of heavy metals from your body.

To learn more about oral chelation therapy for heavy metals, read Cardio Renew’s FAQ and about the history of chelation.  Many who have tried Cardio Renew’s liquid chelation therapy have experienced the positive benefits of oral chelation therapy.  We stand behind our promise to deliver you an effective chelation therapy to benefit your heart and your body! Please note: Cardio Renew is not intended for children. Please review our Disclaimer.

The chelation agents penicillamine and succimer are given to the patients who suffer from lead poisoning. When heavy metals make their way to our bodies, oral edta chelation therapy turns out to be extremely helpful in their removal. Heavy metals such as lead, mercury, can very slyly make their ways in our bodies and getting rid of them is quite tough, naturally. However, Cardio Renew’s best oral chelation supplements can help in getting rid of such heavy metals easily. These EDTA agents helps in dissolving these heavy metals and flush them out of the system in absolutely no time. Reduce your body stores of lead with Cardio Renew’s chelation package!