EDTA Chelation Therapy Testimonials

Experiences directly from our Customers

I just completed the 6 week course. I walk every morning. At the same time I started my course of cardio renew I started running briefly on my tread mill. I had chest pressure for about 8 months nothing I did help me…. I even went to the hospital they couldn’t help me. So 3 weeks into the program I felt great…. I feel normal again. I haven’t felt normal in over one year…… I am an over weight diabetic…….. I will be doing maint. program in couple weeks…. Thank you

Donals R.

I just returned from the doctor after taking this product for two months. I am 58 and for 3 years I’ve had a partialy blocked carotoid left artery and blood pressure hovering between 130 and 150/90. The doctor recently ordered a MRI and MRA which showed NO blockage and my blood pressure was 116/70!! The ONLY thing I’ve been doing differently is taking the EDTA. Also, the tingling and numbness in my toes has nearly disappeared. Thanks for a great product worth every penny!

Christine J.

Yes, I wrote two months ago. I had a 5x elevated aluminum excretion in a 24 hour urine collection for heavy metals. I used your program for a little over five weeks, and a week later repeated the 24 hour urine. I lowered my aluminum to normal range. The 24 hour excretion before Cardiorenew was 160 micrograms; after Cardiorenew, 26 micrograms in 24 hours. Thank you!!

Dan H. MD

I was diagnosed with PAD and was finding it more and more difficult to walk and was sure I was headed towards a wheel chair. I’ve been on Cardio Renew for 3 1/2 weeks now and find this stuff nothing short of a miracle. I can WALK!!!!!! My legs are not yet 100% but I’m sure they will be soon. I’ve managed to avoid the procedures that the doctors wanted to do on me. None of them made any sense to me. They wouldn’t solve the problem and only temporarily relieve the symptoms, maybe. If my femoral arteries were clogged then surely other arteries must be clogged. This EDTA cleanses my whole body and not just a part. I am so grateful for this product and I feel blessed that I found my way to your website. Thank you! Thank you!

Wanda B.

I have been using Cardio Renew for two years after two by-pass operations and just got a clearance from my heart doctor that I will not need a third by-pass. My heart is strong as a 30 year old and I am 68. My arthritis is gone and my hair is growing back fast. It seems that cleaning out all my arteries has given my body a chance to regenerate all organs. As a retired fraud investigator, your product is what it says. I could go on about all the benefits I have received but it would be too long of a letter. I have documentation on what it has done in all areas of my body. I strongly recommend your product to everyone even my doctors who are specialists. I am now using it for AMD, the dry type and if it did for my heart it should unplug the veins in my eye. My eye doctor told me keep using it because their is no cure for it. Thanks for all the information you have on your site so others can get it.

Earl M.

I did IV chelation for over a year in 1999-2000. Subsequently, I wasn’t able to afford it again for a while, and by the time seven years had passed, I was again finding it extremely difficult to walk for 20 minutes a day. I didn’t trust oral chelation because my IV chelation doctor said it wasn’t effective, but she retired during that seven years and I wasn’t able to find another IV clinic close enough to where I live, so I looked into oral chelation on the web and found Cardiorenew. It sounded like it would be more effective than the other oral chelations, and the testimonials were also solid. So I decided to try their six week program. The first thing I noticed was the simplicity of this product: a few drops in water instead of 2-3 hour with an IV drip. Then I began to notice the same kinds of detox symptoms as I had gone through with the IV chelation, though milder (which seemed reasonable to me because the IV therapy had been for 50 years of build-up in my veins, not just seven!) so this was actually encouraging to me: I knew it was working! By the last week, the detox signs had reduced to almost nothing, I could walk easily again, and my energy had returned as well. I decided that I didn’t need to do a second six weeks. I am going to do this six week program every year from now on, because it was so effective for me. Another thing in my experience that may be important to some people: I am chemically sensitive as the result of a pesticide exposure. There are many substances that I can’t tolerate (petrochemicals, preservatives, perfumes, etc.), so I was a little worried about Cardiorenew simply because every new product of any kind is always risky for me. The people at Cardiorenew were fantastic about patiently providing me with the information I needed to put most of my fears to rest. And I want to state here that there were never any problems with reactivity. You will have, and should hope for, signs of detoxification – some of which are unpleasant – but there is nothing in Cardiorenew that caused me any allergic response or chemical reactivity.

C. L.

After going through the basic program twice and then the maintenance for a few months, I, just yesterday, completed an entire physical and a complete cardio testing including echocardiograms, EKGs and the dreaded treadmill. Results were extradorinary. My calcified aortic valve, that had a year replacement timeframe, is clear and working fine. Carotid ateries are clear. My five “obstructions” have disappeared. All my bloodwork came back right on the mark. My MD and cardiologist were elated and the cardiologist said “You just can’t argue with proven results.”

Evan R.

12 Years ago I had 2 major heart attacks in a 6 month period, since that time I’ve had artery blockages in my legs 3 times, which required major surgeries. Recently I have been suffering daily severe chest pains and breathing problems. I started your basic Cardio Renew program on August 30, 2008, and am 3 weeks into the program. NO MORE CHEST PAINS AT ALL, my breathing has gotten 200% better and I am feeling much better. I am able to do some work around the house and go out shopping, This is a first in about a year. I am also a diabetic, with severe foot and hand pains and numbness. I have just about elimanated the pains and the numbness is gone. I can’t wait to finish the next 3 weeks of the program, to see how I feel then. All of my doctors have poo pooed the EDTA program. Shame on them. Thank you for this life saving product

Bernie H.

I am a 55 year old woman who has taken many steps to retain & improve my health for decades, including regular exercise, weight control, top research & dietary supplements & advanced chiropractic care. I almost always feel well & rarely have symptoms of illness & yet a routine Carotid (veins in the neck leading to the brain) ultrasound test, Feb. 2007, revealed I had 45-50% plaque blockage in my left carotid vein & 25-30% in my right vein…. I was not only shocked but frightened! I am grateful my remarkably advanced Chiropractic Dr. recommended I immediately start taking CardioRenew oral Chelation drops to deplaque my body. I took the standard 6 wk program, Spring 07 & repeated this 6 wk plan, Spring 2008. This is the only change I made in my life healthwise from Feb. 07 through April 08. I repeated my Carotid ultrasound test & discovered the plaque reduction to be remarkably dramatic & miraculous!.. My left carotid vein which had been 45-50% blocked in 07 is now 5-10% blocked & my right vein which was 25-30% blkd shows 0% blockage as of April 2008! The Radiologist’s report, 4-08, says, “No evidence of internal carotid artery stenosis” (blockage)! And if this is not impressive enough, my father sadly died of a massive heart attack, with 90-95% heart vein blockage at only 72 yrs of age, therefore I decided to have (5-08) a heart CT Scan, (detailed x-ray) to ck the % of calcium deposits present in my heart, (the higher the % of cal. the higher the % of plaque..). This test result came back showing I have 0% calcium deposits in my heart veins! A remarkably low score for someone my age! CardioRenew is easy to take & deplaques the entire body safely, painlessly & symptom free. Thanks to your product my cardiovascular system is now in excellent condition & I have every reason to believe I will be able to control the future condition of this crucial system with periodic doses of CardioRenew’s Chelation drops! I have the scientifically sound #’s & test results to prove this!!….Thank you & keep up your profound work to educate the public about the non-invasive, ( i.e. no surgery needed..) way to greatly improve our health by deplaquing our cardiovascular systems. This product offers life-altering & saving results!!!

Sharon H. B.

Hi! I just got the results of my nuclear stress test (first one since my three stents were put in last year), and not only did I achieve 150% of the predicted exercise capacity for my age and have no chest pain at peak exercise, the imaging showed “no evidence of ischemia or scar.” That last was underlined by my cardiologist with an exclamation point after. In other words, my heart is clear of blockage. So…when the doctor gets around to asking me what I’m doing that my heart is in such fine condition, I’m going to tell her about Cardio Renew. I’ve kept my mouth shut before because I was pretty certain they’d tell me not to take it. You know how doctors can get….if it’s cheap and it works and makes you all better without any expensive interventions on their part, it’s a no-no. However, I decided when the chest pains came back after the stents were installed that I needed to do something myself. That’s when I found your website and ordered my first batch of Cardio Renew. I’m on a maintenance dose now of 20 drops once or twice a day. I keep up with my Vitamins C and E, and so far, so good! Thanks a million for all your replies to my questions, also. The doctors should be so quick to respond! I feel really lucky to have found you!!

Mary C.