EDTA Chelation Therapy Testimonials

Experiences directly from our Customers

Hi, I’m a 56 year old woman and I just wanted to let you know that my results with Cardio Renew were pretty amazing! My total cholesterol on 10-7-05 was 291. My good cholesterol [HDL] was high also so that part was good but the LDL [bad cholesterol] was197! My doctor said it was extremely high and wanted to put me on medicine but I told him I wanted to try natural methods first. My brother had found out about Cardio Renew and he sent me a bottle. I decided I would take it for 6 weeks so I ordered 2 more bottles. I took it for 4 weeks and then I took my minerals for a week because I’m used to taking large amounts of high quality minerals and I didn’t want to get too depleted. Then I took the Cardio Renew 1 more week. I never did take the last week of it. I thought maybe it wasn’t working because I didn’t feel any different. I went back for another blood test on 2-16-06. My total cholesterol was 225!!! My bad cholesterol was down to 143! He said nothing more about putting me on medicine. He was very happy with my new results! Thank you for you product and your helpful attitude when I called with questions. Marleen

Marleen I.

I want to thank you for Cardio Renew! I have taken it for two weeks now and notice that I am breathing and sleeping better. I have felt better overall. I am taking 20 drops 5 times every day and do not have any side effects at all. It is great to know that I am reversing arterial problems before they begin. I have recommended cardio renew to my brother and I just ordered some for him. Thank you for this great product!

Tom B.

Hi. I’m feeling better every day. It is a miracle. Before I started on this treatment (9 days ago), I had shortness of breath and chest pains pretty much all the time. I couldn’t drive or do much else really. The chest pain is less every day and the shortness of breath only comes in brief episodes and I can do more everyday without them. I’m recommending this to my friends and my husband is going to start his next week.

Michele T.

I have been on Cardio Renew for 2 weeks. The last few days I have felt so good. I have energy!! I am getting my house cleaned and I feel like I could run around the block. I am also not depressed any more. This stuff is amazing. I have spent thousands of dollars on health products through the years that didn’t do anything. I am so glad I ordered this even though I thought it was expensive. It was well worth it. You can’t put a price on feeling good. Thank you!

Becky G.

Dear Sirs I was in constant pain, left arm and shortness of breath. I’ve just finished my forth week, The pain in my left arm is gone and I’m doing well at my job. I feel strong again. I’m lucky to have found your company. Thanks!

Dan P.

I’ve been taking Cardio Renew drops for a couple of days, and I can’t quite believe how much better I feel already. This is simply amazing. I’m sleeping very well, wake up full of energy (though not hopped up), and I have no more chest pains. Whatever it is, it’s working!

Mary C.

I started on your chelation therapy after suffering a bad heart attack, the doctors installed two stints at that time, after three months the stints began to close. The doctors then wanted to try radiation therapy I seeked out other remedies and decided to try cardio renew. I went thru the clean out program and maintenance program. Now I am able to drink caffeine coffee and work with the best of them, also some of the male problems older men get have improved. I feel cardio renew is a gift from god, I also had a stress test done after being on cardio renew for six months and the doctor gave me a clean bill of health and said everything is great. thanks again.

Larry W.

I just wanted to let you know that I think your product is great. I had a stress test about 4 years ago and my doctor said then that there was a small place that showed some blockage up by my heart but he wasn’t real concerned about it at that time. I was having some pains in my chests this year again so we did another stress test and now it was showing more blockage, so now he wanted to do a heart cath. I told him I would have the cath done but if it wouldn’t hurt anything by waiting 6 weeks, I would like to try your Chelation. He said I could, but it wouldn’t do anything. So after your 6 week program I went yesterday to have my heart catheterization. Low and behold there was absolutely no blockage whatsoever. He said the prior stress tests must have been false positives! Haa haa, yea right. I am going to be ordering more Cardio Renew shortly and stay on your Maintenance Program. Thanks so much for your great product. I really think it kept me from having angioplasty done or having to have a stent put in.Thanks again!

Kerry D.

Thank you! This has been a blessing for me. With extremely high blood pressure I felt I was ready for a heart attack or stroke- maybe both. I started the EDTA program and took the maximum plus amount for the first four weeks. The only side effect I got was my blood pressure started coming down after the second day. I was checking my blood pressure 15 to 20 times daily. THIS WAS FROM BEING SCARED! Six months later my blood pressure is 120 over 75 on average with more energy. This confirmed to me that we have to learn how to take care of ourselves unless we want drugs, surgery and possible serious side effects. The 199 dollars spent on Cardio Renew so far has been the best money I have ever spent in my-LIFE TIME. I have done two six week foundation programs two weeks apart because of my neck and lower back pain and stiffness. Cardio Renew has helped more than all the chiropractors I have seen in the last six years. I feel that the calcium deposits were not showing up on the x-rays. Cardio Renew has done more than they said it would do and they answered all my questions like I was a real person. THESE ARE PEOPLE WHO CARE!

Bob H.

I really want to thank you for this product. After using it for almost 6 weeks, the difference is remarkable! I originally started therapy because I was having chest pains on a daily basis and was also experiencing tingling in my extremities. Often I would wake up after a bad night’s sleep with arms completely numb and was also starting to have moments of labored breathing and sweating. Thinking you might keel over at anytime is not any way to live, let me tell you! After using Cardio Renew for less than a week, ALL of these symptoms lessened considerably and after two weeks, had disappeared completely! When I had started Cardio renew, I was, quite literally, in fear for my life. Thanks to the 6 week program, I feel like a different person and have recommended it to everyone I know.

Ron M.