EDTA Chelation Therapy Testimonials

Experiences directly from our Customers

I have been on Cardio Renew for 5 days and I want to say to the skeptics that this really works, at first I was thinking is this another one of those scams, but I kept on taking the product and my legs feel great, each day I walk a little better, also I notice I sleep better at night each night I wake up a little less. Then on the fourth night I was amazed I slept 8 hours with out waking up and sitting on the side of my bed due to leg pains or stiffness. I can’t wait now for each day to come to see how I will feel. I found I had to take twelve drops each time instead of 14, and I had to space the time I took it further apart like 3-4 hours in between, but this stuff is great! I wanted to say also my breathing is clearer, my lung congestion is gone in 5 days, also I walk so fast now, I have to slow down. I use to limp out of my house up a few stairs to my car, but now I feel like running, I am so happy you will hear from me often. Again Thanks to Jehovah God first, then to Cardio Renew!!!!!

Glenda C.

I figured I was on my deathbed when I talked to you about Cardio Renew and figured I had nothing to lose, maybe allot to gain, by trying it. I went to my doctor who referred me to a heart specialist. I went in for a series of tests, which the physician did not share the results of, saying that I needed to be set up for an angiogram with the potential for angioplasty should a problem be found. I told him I’d read about EDTA, wanted to try it, he poo-pooed the idea and said surgery was necessary. Do that to me and I immediately launch into my “I’ll try it anyway before I do anything” mode. Knowing that roughly 1/4 million of these surgeries are performed each year unnecessarily, I tried the Cardio Renew with the promise to my family that if I didn’t feel better, I’d have the surgery done. I got on the 6 week regimen and after the first week, my symptoms started to abate. I was pleased and cautious at the same time. I began to feel better and better. After the initial 6 weeks passed, I merrily went to another cardiologist for a second opinion. I told him I’d taken the Cardio Renew, I didn’t want surgery. He did not poo-poo EDTA, and put me through a barrage of tests again. Results were that he saw no signs of blockage at all, found that enough blood was getting to my heart, for someone my age, and turned me loose! I went to my car and cried for joy. I thank you for making this wonderful product available to the general public… and I thank you from a clear heart! Blessings.

Marian S.

Hello. I just wanted to drop a quick line to tell you how great your product is. I recently bought a bottle of your Cardio Renew. Although I’ve not had any heart attacks or strokes, I did feel that I was on the path for one or both. I started searching the web and came upon your site. You had an option of buying just one bottle of Cardio Renew (unlike the other sites who sells you 3 and 4 or more at a time…too much money). My thinking was, I will use this bottle and if I see improvement, but needed more cleaning, then I would buy more. Well, I must say, after taking your product the first day, I could feel the difference!! My chest wasn’t hurting; I wasn’t getting tired as easily and I don’t have those nagging pains I get in my legs and arms! I feel so great, I’ve started working out on a regular basis!! I just wanted to say that I love your product and I plan to order more!! Thank you and God bless!

Bobby C.

I am the original skeptic turned believer. I have been taking Cardio Renew less than two weeks and feel 30 again! No angina, 100% more energy, sleep better and have cut the prescription BP medication out. Reduced the diabetes medication to half. Thank You

Robert H.

I’ve been taking cardio renew for a couple months now and I think it saved my life. Of the ten or so symptoms of arterial blockage listed on your site, I had nine of them. The worst ones were frequent cold spells, leg pain, and sleepiness. Ten minutes after taking my first dose, my body went haywire. I got real warm, and my blood pressure and pulse dropped. But I felt good. The next day at work, the pain that I had in my legs for many years was gone. I could walk and stand much longer than I could before. I was able to work through the day without feeling sleepy. It was great!

Wayne B.

I started taking Cardio Renew. One of my customers of about two and a half years said she had never seen me move so freely. This is GREAT! I was even thinking that I might have to quit fixing hair as I could not stand on my feet all day without taking pain killers, but no more. I love my work and now can look forward to do hair for many years to come. Thanks for a product that has worked so well for both my husband and myself.

This is a GREAT product and GREAT people behind it. You have always taken the time to answer all my questions whether on the phone or by email and have never made me feel like it was a bother even when I was asking questions for someone who wasn’t even on Cardio Renew. You don’t run into this kind of service very often.

Diane P.

I had such tremendous results in just a few days for my arthritis that I couldn’t wait for my wife to get started. As a truck driver I would come home each week so stiff from riding all week that it was really hard for me to do much of any thing on the weekends, but now I am looking forward to doing things again! Thanks for making a product that really works!

Rick P.

Hi, I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you and thank God for my improvement since taking your product. In 1992 I had a double by-pass. Later that year, I was diagnosed as type 11 diabetic. In 2002 I had a stroke on my left side. I’ve heard about Chelation since 1990, and after getting your info via internet, decided to try it. I felt a difference the first day and am now in my 4th week! I couldn’t walk 1/2 block without pain before. Now, I’m pain free, my blood pressure is down, I have energy to burn, and my mind is getting sharper everyday. I don’t know how many times a day I find myself thanking God for this treatment, and for all of you at your company! I pray that He continues to prosper you as you realize who your source is! Thanks again for giving me a pain free, energized life. Ron

Ron A.

Hello, I am doing the 6 week program and am in the 3rd week and I am having excellent results. Since I was 25 yrs old I’ve been having odd chest sensations, pain in my back around the heart area and front side. I’ve gone to the doctors and had EKG’s done and Stress tests and everything was fine. I wanted a dye test to see how clogged my arteries were but they said because of my age and the results of the ekg’s and stress test, it showed no need for concern. I am now 30 and was having what I can only describe as chest cave in’s where I felt the breath was being sucked out of my lungs and my chest felt like it was being crushed this would only last 1 – 3 seconds but it was enough to scare the living daylights out of me. I also had an old High school friend die of a heart attack back in July 04… he was 32 and not overweight. Well since being on the your six week program, on the first week the chest cave in’s stopped I have more energy I breath better, I have even gone down a pant size from a 42 to a 40 inch, and my legs don’t feel tired anymore.  I have been recommending this product to my friends and co-workers. Some doctors don’t have any faith in this, at least not the ones I’ve talked to. But like they say the proof is in the pudding. I Thank you and above all my God Jehovah and his son Christ Jesus for this wonderful product you provide and the lives you are touching. Thank You again

Roland B.

I have taken the 6 week course of Cardio Renew with great results. I used the 20 drop dose the whole time with no side effects. After a few days the angina was mostly gone. My energy level was up 50% and I walk 4 miles a day without shortness of breath. Also, I have noticed new mental clarity and alertness. No more vertigo or dizzyness! Thank you for a great product and excellent service and eagerness to answer all my questions.

Rick W.