EDTA Chelation Therapy Testimonials

Experiences directly from our Customers

I have been struggling with high cholesterol for about 3 years now-as high as 292 at one point. Based on my family history of strokes and high blood pressure, my Dr. has been coaxing me to take the Cholesterol medicine. I have resisted, for the generally known reasons and have worked with diet and exercise. My success has been marginal at best. This visit he was getting more insistent coupled with the fact I was having odd symptoms of a racing heart and palpitations and being 53.

Fearing for the worst, I came upon your site. My gut reaction was that the real cholesterol concern centered around the arteries and plaque build-up. I figured I might be due for a “cleaning”. So I purchased the 6 week program about 5 weeks ago.

In the meantime, he also convinced me that it would be a good idea to have a new test, less invasive and more telling than a stress test: Coronary Artery Calcium Scoring Test. An MRI that can truly show the Calcification around the Heart and Arteries.

Mind you I took the test after 3 weeks on your program. Well he called yesterday shocked. The test showed I had 0.00% calcification. My heart is fine. He said “Well based on these numbers your good for about 7 years. I’ll stop bothering you about the cholesterol medicine, apparently you’re fine.” I almost cried on the phone……

I firmly believe that the 0.00 can only be attributed to Cardio Renew. My heartfelt (truly) thanks for a great product and great site. I learned a tremendous amount.

Bill O.

In 1997 I had a heart attack. A 5 way bypass was performed. 6 months later I needed 4 more bypasses. I barely survived both surgeries. Then I noticed my lower legs were starting to cramp getting worse as time went on. After complaining to the cardiologist they decided to do some catheterization and stenting to help. Well the improvements did not last long and led to surgery with plastic tubing implanted in my upper left leg in 2003. I had to have surgery on my right leg in 2004. All this lead me to Cardio Renew. Nothing was working for me and I decided to try your program. I started in Dec. 2004 with the scheduled dosages. I can say that it has helped because I can walk a longer distance without cramping and extreme pain. I am down to one dose daily. I feel I cannot go a day without it.

Ronald S .

I tried your EDTA formula & found it to be what you said it was. It is a bit stronger than the calc edt powder I was using. I do appreciate your honesty and your down to earth real world attitude. Thank you so much.

David G .

I have to tell you, I feel a whole lot better after using this product for just 4 weeks. I had a minor heart attack last February, and I felt that I had no energy, my legs would tire easily. This product has made a difference for me. Thank you.

Virginia V .

Hi, I received your Cardio Renew and started the chelation yesterday. Within hours I felt like I was breathing easier than I have in months, I took a walk up and down a hill that would have normally taken 10 minutes and got back up in only 5 with only having to stop once on the way back up (which is very unusual!) I also noticed a sense that my thinking seemed to be sharper or quicker within the first day. It surely seems to be making a difference.

Maria K .

Dear Jay, or whom it may concern: 5 days on cardio renew and i feel incredibly well, my energy levels are soring, my stamina is terrific. Thanks.

Mark B.

I just wanted to inform you that I have been using Cardio Renew for 7 days and I already notice a big difference. I had to give up coffee (which I love), several months ago because it caused me to have chest pain, severe arrhythmias, and shortness of breath (very scary stuff!). I notice I can drink coffee now with no ill effects! I also have swelling in my left ankle which seems to be about 70% improved. I’m very grateful because severe coronary artery disease runs in my family – family members having and/or dying in their 30’s to 50’s from heart attacks or strokes (including the women) – I’m 48 years old. Even though I have all the symptoms of a major problem, I haven’t the courage to see a Dr. (though I should know better) because I just can’t bare the thought of needing surgery or stints. Since I work full time as a nurse, I need to stay in good health in order to have the energy and health to meet the heavy patient loads; also, who wants to have their life shorten! I’m very grateful for your product! Thank you and I agree with others from the testimonial page that the product is a gift from God.

Patty J.

I wanted to send a quick update. I went back for my checkup. Before, I had major blockage in my arteries and problems with blood flowing to the bottom of my heart. After 4 weeks on Cardio Renew, they found no major problems and now I am getting blood flow to my heart. I am thanking God and Cardio Renew. Don

Don W.